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Interview with Author: Hot-Walker Life on the Fast Track

Book Clubs: Interview with Author

My personal favourite way of marketing my books is to get first hand information from my readers and how better way than to let them interview me, and be honest about what they read. Before going to self-publish, I offer proof-copies of the book to several different book clubs who in turn provide questions, feedback and other information that I find very important when editing and preparing for publication. 
I search for book clubs that are interested in the genre... mystery-crime for Hot-Walker... and then present the proposal. This is a sample of one idea that I used. 
book club participation in reviewing self published books
Invitation to Participate in Author Event

Searching the web, your city or bookstores for particular type of book clubs is the author's most important element so the group knows about the product and genre you are offering them. The meeting place can vary from a home, bookstore or library.

The groups that respond are offered the books at cost before you do your final edits. Usually, they have 2 weeks to read after all the books have been purchased - before the meeting.

Sample of the final review/meeting:
HOST:  Welcome, and thank you for the opportunity to review your new book. The list you provided us with the five questions was helpful so we could get an idea of what you were looking for...
- does the cover represent the story? 
- were the characters believable?
- what points of interest held your attention?  ...and what parts you liked best.
- were there any weak areas that lagged or did not hold your interest? ....suggest changes
- what other comments would you give the author as an overall review?
- rate the book out of 5

AUTHOR: I review the question sheets that the Book Club received (handed out with the proof-copy of the book beforehand.) Discussion takes place with questions and answers.
HOST: We would like to know more about the story of your writing the book.
AUTHOR: For me, writing is always an expression of personal experiences, relationships that I have had over the years in regards to the people and the places I have traveled. Most of my books have been written about my profession and photographs from my travels. Two novels have been written based on life experiences and storytelling. Writers write about their life, dreams, experiences, fantasies and relationships while others create stories from the news, friends, ideas that have come to them over the years. Simple or complex, every minute of the day an inspiration touches someone to write about it.
(And then I give a detailed background about the novel and how it unfolded.)

This type of review is also a way to receive editing, as some readers have personal interest in participating in these types of events. If some readers do/did edit, offer them a free ebook and paperback copy once your book is finished and published in exchange for their edit-copy.

For this type of marketing to succeed, I aim for 50 book club interviews, but to be honest, I have not yet achieved that many, but almost.

available online as well as ebook
Hot-Walker Book Club Interview

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